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Hola and welcome!

My name is Carme, I’m originally from Spain and currently residing in Aotearoa.


I’m a firm believer in the power and impact that beauty can have in our lives. 

I truly feel that beauty is an inherent and healing quality that resides in every aspect of the world around us: nature, people, architecture, oneself, diversity, darkness, light, everything! My mission and passion is to reveal it through my lens in order to awaken emotion and connection with our perfectly imperfect world.

I'm a multifaceted photographer, although my gaze is highly influenced by my background and experience within the world of architecture and landscape design. I believe that photography can elevate the emotional connection between people and space.

Chasing light is my passion and I'm in awe of nature, where I find peace and constant inspiration.

If you haven't already, I invite you to have a little wander through my page. 

If my work resonates with you, and you are curious to learn more about what I can offer, please get in touch. I would so love to work with you!

Aroha nui

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