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A safe space dedicated and devoted to women


Are you ready to celebrate the beauty of your body?

Something that I have come to realise after years of self inquiry and healing my own relationship with myself, is that everything that we are, all the different layers of self, is SACRED. Nothing doesn’t belong, and in fact,  the key to freedom, wholeness and authenticity is TO ALLOW. 

So, my mission is to help women reclaim and celebrate the sacred beauty of their bodies, as they return to their wholeness and power. 

What is Sacred Body?

A 1:1 journey of self love for women with me, Carme. Together we will illuminate the altar of your body through the Art of Photography and Ceremony.


Nature will be our ally in this unique co-creation that celebrates the beauty of your embodiment.


I deeply believe in the innate sacredness and wholeness of all bodies. I will help you embrace the uniqueness of your divine physical self beyond social constructs and expectations, and learn to love and honour it with radical acceptance.

What is included?

Grounding Cacao or Blue Lotus Tea Ceremony (to choose)

Embodied photo shoot with botanicals (1 hour)

Online photo gallery (+40 Images)

1x Unframed A5 Fine Art Print

Self Love surprise gift

A unique life experience!

Details and Investment

Auckland based


2.5 hours in total

1234 NZD

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